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    Posted by Snowy Owl on 05/01/2015   Email

    Hi from 1st Oakhurst Brownies - we love your website!

    Posted by Brown Owl Jo on 29/12/2014   Email

    Hi a Brown Owl from Essex, love your website WOW what fab Leaders to keep this up an running

    Posted by Elaine Hall on 06/08/2014   Email

    Hi i think this website is amazing and all the photos look brilliant all i can see is a brilliantly run unit which leads to happy smiling girls - lovely to see

    Posted by Rabbit on 06/01/2014   Email

    My name is Corinne and I am Leader in charge at the 11th Aylesbury Brownies. I love your website!

    Posted by Ele M on 14/04/2013

    Hi, I'm tawny owl from 7th Halesowen (OLSK) brownies in the west mids. What a fantastic website, it's great to see so many things that you are doing, or have done. Keep having fun brownies

    Posted by Rachel H on 21/01/2013

    Wow Brownies, you are very lucky to have such dedicated leaders creating such an exciting programme for you! What a super website! Rachel, Unit Leader, 4th Glossop Rainbows

    Posted by mia holbrook on 28/12/2012

    i LOVED doing the brownie christmas play lots of my family came

    Posted by Lorraine on 04/07/2012   Email

    Hi. Love your web site. Hope you all having fun. I really enjoyed being a Brownie in the 1950's!

    Posted by Lesley Buchanan on 15/06/2012

    Hello there I am Sparkly Owl from 1st Dennyloanhead Brownies in Central Scotland. What a fantastic website you have. We recently started up a website too and it is good to see what other packs are doing. As Scottish schools break for the Summer before England we finished for the Summer last Monday but will start again 17th September. I was looking for some images for our website when I came across your website so thought I would say hello. Best Wishes to you all.

    Posted by Olivia on 03/06/2012

    I hope Georgia comes to brownies next week and a can't wait to go to brownies :)

    Posted by amelia on 31/05/2012

    This is the first time i've been on the site and it's really good. Garrett hall brownies is the best because we have the best leaders that always make it fun. Thank you (:

    Posted by Megan Hughes on 28/05/2012   Email

    I love your new website i just love it i really hope i could join brownies soon and well lets just see and if i see a shooting star you should know what i'm going to wish for!!!!

    Posted by Jasmin Waterworth on 09/05/2012   Email

    I cannot wait to make gummi bear smoothies and bear cakes

    Posted by Gabbie The Gob on 09/05/2012

    Cant wait for the party tonight, its gonna be brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming as a dog

    Posted by gabrielle on 09/05/2012

    this website is sooo cool better than any other brownie website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Anna Jones on 06/05/2012   Email

    I LOVE brownies so I can't wait to know what we'r doing next week

    Posted by Hannah D on 03/05/2012

    Hiya guys! Hannah D here! I am so excited for Biony's 18th B-Day on wednesday! Hapy B-Day Briony!I wonder how we are actully going to build a bear...

    Posted by olivia on 01/05/2012

    hi guys i have gon home with my fraind megan bye see you on wedensday

    Posted by georgia bowling on 01/05/2012

    hi brownies i love wedensday because it is brownies i love brownies because we do lots of fun actives for all of the girls. Bye see you on wedensday

    Posted by lily on 25/04/2012

    i think brownies is realy realy fun i go on a wednesday night and we do lots of cool activitys and i would recomend garrett hall brownies to any one i know

    Posted by Beth Knighton on 25/04/2012

    today in brownies we potted some plants in wellies. brownies is good fun and i have lots of friends. love beth :)

    Posted by Ella-rae Davies on 19/04/2012   Email

    brownies is really good! and we do lots of fun things

    Posted by Hannah Dootson on 18/04/2012   Email

    My biscuit was lovely I made at brownies tonight!!!!!!! I am looking forward to welly planting next week. Love hannah d

    Posted by Ellie Conway on 18/04/2012

    Brownies is great, I always have a good time there.