Starting Brownies

Our pack is extremely popular and always has a waiting list. It is a good idea to put your name down before you are seven to guarantee a place although we will always try to accomodate older girls if possible. Girls are invited to join when their name reaches the top of the list and a place becomes available.

To put your name down for Garrett Hall Brownies, please ask your parents to email the leaders at  We need the following details; your name, address, contact telelphone number and date of birth.

The minimum age for brownies is seven. Any girls reaching the top of the waiting list who are not old enough will remain at the top of the list until they turn seven and a place then becomes available.

New starters will usually be contacted prior to the start of a new half-term with a view to commence on the first Wednesday after the holiday. There is a one-off joining fee of £5 which is payable with the subs at the first meeting.
Brownies usually attend for 4-6 weeks before making their promise and becoming a proper brownie. Click the link on the side of this page to see the Brownie Promise and Law.


Leaving Brownies

In order to create the least disruption to the pack and the planned activities, brownies are discouraged from leaving mid-term and encouraged to tell us in advance of their intention to leave. Leavers celebrations are held on the last meeting of each half-term and certificates are given out to girls who are leaving.

Brownies who choose to leave in the middle of the term or do not give us prior notice will not receive refund of subs or leavers certificate.
It is our pack policy that brownies must leave at the end of the half-term before their eleventh birthday at the latest.